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(Translated from the German-language version of May 24, 2018)

While visiting the Internet pages of the development office of Dr. Rudolf R.H. Dittrich, the office and the office's proprietor himself, both called the "office" within the context of this privacy policy statement, respect the privacy of your personal information following the German and European data privacy and protection laws and corresponding regulations. This Privacy Policy sets out our current policies and procedures in relation to your data protection and informs you for which reason we acquire and process which pieces of personal information, also called "data" in this privacy policy. This comprises
  • the server log file data acquired and assembled by our hosting provider while you are accessing the web pages of the office, and
  • the data processed if you are contacting the office by way of email, letter mail, telefax, telephone, or by visiting the office in person.
This privacy policy page gives an overview on how the office ensures protection of your data and which data are acquired for which purpose:

1 Notions and Definitions / Categories of Persons Affected

1.1 Notions and Definitions

This privacy policy uses notions and definitions like, for example, "controller" or "processing". etc., for whose legal definition we refer to article 4 of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1.2 Categories of Persons Affected

This privacy policy addresses every visitor of our Internet pages, the latter also called our "Internet presence", and all visitors and users who are using the email addresses, telephone numbers, or postal addresses, or other available information like, for example, advertising, phone books, or personal recommendation by third parties, to contact the office by way of email, postal mail, telefax, telephone or by paying a personal visit sharing personal data or other pieces of information in the process.

2 Data Processing While Visiting or Internet Pages

While you are visiting the pages of this domain, we are not collecting any personal data or other data connected with you with the sole exception of those pieces of information stored in the server log files of our hosting provider. The contents of the server log files are automatically acquired by the hosting provider and contain the data described in section 2.2. These data are acquired just for technical reasons to publish the Internet pages and are neither being shared with third parties, nor being sold by us.
Personally identifiable information comprises all information suitable to define or find out who you are, or that may be traced back to you (IP address; email address; name; phone number; postal address; etc.). We recommend to be cautious while using the Internet, because no Internet, email or mobile transmission is ever considered to be fully secure or error free but could instead be intercepted, or monitored, by third parties. Because most email and mobile transmissions are not encrypted, you should take special care in deciding what information you send us by email, text message, or other mobile transmission. This is the reason for which we are not offering any means on this and our other Internet domains where you could enter your email address, your name, your phone number, postal address or other personal data. We are furthermore not using any database on our hosting provider's server system that would hold personal data on our visitors, or our customers. For the same reason, all customer data is stored, administered and processed exclusively inside our office. We are never using server or other computer systems of our hosting provider or other third parties for this purpose.

2.1 Hosting

We are not using own servers for making available our Internet pages but are instead using hosting servers of other companies. We are evaluating meta and communication data that we obtain from those hosting service providers and make sure that we are not distributing any user or customer data to the hosting service providers.

2.2 Acquisition of User Data and Web Logs on our Internet Pages

Our office obtains web log files from the hosting service providers, which contain the following pieces of information transmitted by either the visitor's computer or the visitor's Internet service provider to our hosting service provider's server system, which automatically stores the following info in the web log files while you are invoking one of our pages:
  • browser incl. type/version
  • operating system (if transmitted)
  • referrer URL (previously visited site)
  • Internet protocol (IP) address (hostname) of your PC
  • your provider
  • date and time of server query
  • those of our website pages you visited
None of this information personally identifies you to us. Our office does not combine these data with information from other sources and deletes the web logs from our system after having performed a statistical analysis. This does not apply if the web log files would indicate unusual activity that would put us under a duty to disclose or share your personal data with the authorities in order to comply with any legal obligation. Creation of the web log files is a mandatory step needed by our hosting service providers to make available our web pages on the Internet. There is therefore no way data subjects can object.

2.3 External Data Processors and other Third Parties

As we are not using own servers for making available our Internet pages, our web sites are published using hosting servers of other companies. To prevent unauthorized access to visitors' or client's data even if processing or maintenance contracts would exclude access to personal information, we have a policy of never cooperating with other third parties and we are, therefore, not disclosing your data to our hosting service providers, any other data processor company or any other third party. We are furthermore not providing or using contact forms on our pages and are not storing any data subject information in databases on our hosting service providers' server systems. We retain the right to contact the authorities and forward the corresponding data to them within the limits of the law should there be unauthorized access to our systems or corresponding activity documented in the web log files.

2.4 Transmission to Other Countries

The websites of our domains are not sending any information acquired in the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) to a third country outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), and the office is furthermore not processing any data subject's data in a third country.

2.5 Plug-ins and Analysis Tools of other Companies

Our websites are not using any plug-ins or tools of other companies to evaluate your visit of our Internet pages. We are not using any social-media related tools or plug-ins.

2.6 Cookies

We are not generating any cookies on this and our other web sites that would necessitate the website visitor's consent. While using SSL encrypted page access (https://..) our web hosting provider transfers auxiliary files, called session cookies, that are technically necessary for the secure https: access before being automatically deleted upon either leaving the page or closing your browser (details may depend on the individual browser used). Session cookies do not contain any data we could evaluate and are not being sent from our office but are being exclusively exchanged for technical reasons between you and the web hosting company hosting our domains.

2.7 Legal Basis for Data Processing

The legal basis for temporarily storing data and web log files is given by article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR.

2.8 Photographies / Copyright of Images, Graphical Representation, Video Sequences, etc.

Unless otherwise specified, all images, graphical representations, video sequences and code examples have been generated or written by the proprietor of the office and its websites who is also holding the copyright to all content thus displayed. Some of the portrait images of the office proprietor were shot by the photographer specified in the images' caption.

2.9 Remark for Users of Proxy Servers

Using a proxy server instead of directly accessing our pages may occassionally mean that you are being presented not the current version of our websites but older versions that have been cached that is, stored, on the proxy server provider's system. The same may apply if you are accessing cached website versions offered by some Internet search engines. It is possible in those cases that your IP transmission data, otherwise stored in the web log files, is either not being transmitted or being transmitted in an incomplete or modified manner to our web hosting provider's system. Not having any contractual relationship with any of the proxy service providers or search engine companies, the acquisition of data transmitted to these companies and their evaluation of your data is completely outside the scope of our influence.

3 Data Acquired in Connection with Incoming Postal Mail. Emails, Phone Calls and Other Means of Communication

3.1 Deletion of Data / Restriction of Data Processing

In case you are contacting us using the office's address data published on our websites or known to you due to our other advertizing like, for example, address and advertizing entiries in phone and other directories, recommendation by third parties, exchange of visiting cards or other means of exchanging addresses while visiting congresses or traid fares, etc., the data you transmitted will be confidentially processed and stored on our office-owned systems, and will not be disclosed to third parties but deleted according to articles 17 and 18 of the GDPR or its processing be restricted. Unless otherwise specified in this privacy policy, the data we store is being erased if not needed any more and if they are not subject to a legally defined retention period. Other communication without any legally defined retention period will be deleted if not needed anymore. We are checking the need to delete those data every second year. In all other cases, the legally defined retention periods are observed. In case data cannot be deleted because they are needed for other legally permissible reasons, their processing will be restricted, not used for other purposes before also being deleted after the legally defined retention period has elapsed.

3.2 Keeping Legal Retention Periods

Following German legal requirements on data retention, especially those listed in Par. 147 Abs. 1 und Abs. 3 AO (German Fiscal Code), Par. 257 Abs. 1 HGB (German Commercial Code) and other German legal codes, we keep the requirement of keeping the data listed in the beforementioned laws and regulations for a total of six resp. ten years after the current year ends.
In case you sent us email or letter mail containing additional personal information for which there has not been defined any legally binding archiving period, and you wish that information be erased, you may contact the office in order to have us erase your data in case we still keep them.

3.3 Business-related Processing of Data

In addition to this, our office processes
  • contract related data like, for example, scope of a contract, customer addresses. customer numbers. customer category, contract duration; and
  • payment related information like banking account; payment periods; payment history; etc.
of our customers, business partners and interested parties for the purpose of meeting contracts, performing services, observing customer relation needs and for marketing resp. advertizing purposes, and for performing internal market studies in our office. All of these data are solely stored, and processed, on office-owned systems. We are not making use of systems in possession of our hosting providers or other third parties.

3.4. Legal Basis for Data Processing

The legal basis for processing in case we have received the data subject's consent is given by article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR.
Processing data received in connection with the transmission of an email is done following article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR. In case you initiated the email exchange to enter a contract, processing by our system is also allowed by article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR.

4 Right of Access, Right to be Forgotten and Other Rights of Data Subjects

At any point while we are in possession of or processing your personal data, you, the data subject, have the following rights:

4.1 Right of Access

You have the right to always request a copy of the information that we hold about you. This includes the data proper, their origin, who gets copies of the data, information on their processing and the purpose of storing and processing the data including all other information we might have. Please address your request on these data to our email address info@rd-avenue.com or to the postal address given in section 5.

4.2 Right of Rectification

As outlined in article 16 of the GDPR you a the right to correct data that we hold about you that is inaccurate or incomplete. Please address your request on these data to our email address info@rd-avenue.com or to the postal address given in section 5.

4.3 Right to be Forgotten

As outlined in article 17 of the GDPR, you can ask in certain circumstances for the data we hold about you to be erased from our records; see also section 3.1 of this privacy policy statement. Please address your request for deletion of your data to our email address info@rd-avenue.com or to the postal address given in section 5.

4.4 Right to Restriction of Processing

Following article 18 of the GDPR, you have a right to restrict the processing of your data where certain conditions apply. Please address your corresponding request to our email address info@rd-avenue.com or to the postal address given in section 5.

4.5 Right to Complain / Right to Judicial Review

As outlined in article 77 of the GDPR, you have always a right to lodge a complaint directly with the supervisory authority; and always a right to complain with our office.

4.6 Right to Object

Following article 21 of the GDPR, you always have the right to object to certain types of processing your data such as direct marketing (currently not done by our office), or other kinds of processing. Please address your corresponding request to our email address info@rd-avenue.com or to the postal address given in section 5.

4.7 Withdrawal of Consent

As outlined in article 7(3) of the GDPR, you have a right to widthdraw your consent to process your data at any time. Please address your request to withdraw your previous consent to our email address info@rd-avenue.com or to the postal address given in section 5.

4.8 Additional Topics

In case other legal bodies or other sections of the GDPR are giving you rights in addition to the beforementioned summary, whether this may apply now or in the future, you are always entitled to demand that we keep those rights. In all those circumstances you may always contact the data controller of our office's web site using the address given in section 5 of this privacy policy page.

5 Data Controller / Contact for Office-related Data Protection Info

If you have any questions or comments concerning our office's privacy policy, please contact the office using the following address:

The data controller of this website is:

Dr. Rudolf R.H. Dittrich
Development Office for Applied Physics
and Engineering / System Software Development
Schlesierstrasse 16
82024 Taufkirchen
Tel.: +4917623841901
Fax: +498996041052
Email: info@rd-avenue.com

This privacy policy page may change from time to time in line with legislation or industry developments. We will not explicitly inform our visitors, clients, or web site users, of these changes. Instead, we recommend that you check this page occasionally for any policy changes.

RD-AVENUE® is a registered trademark of Dr. Rudolf R.H. Dittrich in Germany; all rights reserved; registration in other countries either pending or reserved.

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